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The Coventry Festival of Running is committed to becoming a world leader in delivering sustainable events for the city of Coventry. We know our participants share our passion and want us to take action and we have developed some plans to make our event the most sustainable ever.

Our Vision

  1. To reduce the use of single use plastics from the event in future years.
  2. To be single use plastic free by 2022.
  3. To set new standards for sustainability within Coventry and in sporting event to help develop the way other events operate in the future.

What we already do

We aim to reduce single use items across the entire festival:

  • We produce a digital goodybag to help with key information before the festival
  • No documents are issued to runners via a hard copy
  • All registration is done digitally
  • We aim to work with local companies in order to support local businesses and keep travel costs low
  • Our food and beverage provider use only compostable materials and have illuminated single use plastic from retail operations
  • We reduce plastic usage by working with our core suppliers to avoid unnecessary packaging
  • Cleaning contractors are employed to ensure that as much waste is recycled from event weekend as possible, from cups to plastics and cardboard that is used for the packing and delivery of event items, such as medals, T shirts, branding and more
  • At the Start, we bag up discarded clothing (runners often bring second hand items to keep them warm and then throw away before they set off) to repurpose and donate to charity
  • Many event items are repurposed year on year, from the hundreds of volunteer bibs to signage and branding
  • We operate drop zones across the course for runners to drop their bottles in order to be recycled. This will help speed up the clean-up process as bottles are collected from the drop zones and the road and sent for recycling by the council Recycling Team

What we aim to do

  • We are reducing our water stations by nearly 17%
  • We are trialling using paper cups at one station to avoid wastage. If the trial works well we will look to increase the options for this in 2021
  • Overall we will aim to reduce the plastic bottle usage for 2020 by 3000 bottles (37.5%)
  • We are trialling water bottle belts with the aim to sell these at a zero profit in order to bring strong sustainability and educate runners
  • We are in early discussions with biodegradable edible capsules to look to bring these into our event planning and delivery for future years

If you have ideas as to how we can make our event more sustainable please contact