Whether you're a regular ParkRunner or taking on your first Couch to 5k, hit the streets of Coventry to get moving and raise money for a great cause.

Entry £12-15, includes technical running tee and medal.


The Route

In 2019 the route took runners on a double loop of the town centre, taking in the historic Council House, Lady Godiva, and some of the city's few surviving medieval building before our stunning Cathedral finish.



The 5k is a very accessible distance and a great choice for an inexperienced runner.

Couch to 5k

If you're starting from scratch (or thereabouts!) we highly recommend Couch to 5k.

You can see the schedule in full (which runs over 9 weeks) on the NHS Couch to 5k site. You can also access the training plan as a podcast at that same site, or download the Couch to 5k app.


You can also try your hand at running 5k any Saturday at Coventry ParkRun (or your local ParkRun). You'll need to register before your first time but it's free and a great way to get regular training in with a supportive group of runners.

Why not...

Run for charity?