Do you laugh enough? It can improve your health...

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During the winter months it’s very easy to find your mood feeling a little low. The shortened hours of sunlight, cold and cloudy days all add to a low mood feeling. Some people combat this by hitting the gym, going for a jog or a long walk to get a hit of Endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemical.

BUT did you know there’s an alternative way to do this, with friends without having to put your gym kit on?

Laughter is also a trigger for the release of Endorphins and a great way to get yourself feeling good! Having a good old chuckle is like a reset switch to bring your body into balance. It can help you get perspective and lighten the load of life’s stresses and worries.

Laughter has a whole host of benefits such as boosting your immune system, protecting your heart by improving the function of blood vessels, alleviates anger, decreases pain improves your mood, enhances teamwork and much much more…

Get out and test the theory! Grab yourself a ticket to a stand up comedy night. Comedy Central Live brings stand-up comedy to Coventry City Centre on the first Saturday of every month, and is the perfect event to trial this at. With 4 comedians on the bill you’re sure to have a good giggle and laugh away some stresses that you may be carrying.

Comedy Central takes place in Square One, located in Coventry University. It is in the Hub building and open to the public, just a stones throw from Coventry Cathedral.

Tickets are just £9.99 and are available from:


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