Fashion in Fargo

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Fargo Village is on the top of Far Gosford street, and is right on most student's doorstep. The great thing about the shopping outlet, is its cool, quirky and urban vibe and the fact that it hosts less traditional stores such as Bubble Boba (A Bubble Tea café).  If you're fashion sense isn't aligned with what's offered in the high street stores, Fargo village is perfect for you being home to unique stores and brands such as Positive Outlook Clothing, Buddha Boutique and Ronnie's stuff.

Positive Outlook

The name says it all really. This brand encompasses ethical practices and Corporate Social Responsibility, using the philosophy “Surround yourself with positivity and positive things will happen” as their brand mantra. The store sells minimalistic male and female tops, trousers, accessories and nightwear, that are ethical sourced, high quality and sustainable.  If your style is more casual and comfortable and you care about environment, Positive Outlook clothing is perfect for you, and they have 50% off throughout January!

Buddha Boutique

Buddha Boutique by Yogamsti is a hippy boutique that sells hippy-wear, hemp, oriental and ethnic products. The store is full of authentic products from around the world, in particular, East and South Asia. You can find incredibility intricately patterned bags, trousers and hoodies that will make you stand out in any crowd. Although most items are more dear, they unique look, cultural embodiment and comfortability you'll get from their clothes is priceless.


Ronnie's Stuff  

Located in container 10, Ronnie's stuff comprises of antiques  through a selection of wall art, jewellery, home wares, cultural arts and the house specialty cameras. It's a jewellery lover's heaven, stocking timeless antique and vintage jewellery and watches.  

Head down to Fargo Village to discover these hidden gems for yourself.  


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