Silas Marner

Time and Venue

Albany Theatre, Albany Road, Coventry CV5 6JQ
18/10/2019, 14:30
19/10/2019, 21:30
Silas Marner

Adapted from the novel, this epic Victorian drama is thrillingly and theatrically staged with the accompaniment of music and songs of the period to celebrate the bicentenary of George Eliot’s birth.

Wrongfully condemned and outcast from society, impoverished weaver Silas, retreats from life to become a miser and recluse until an extraordinary set of circumstances compel him to take in a young orphan girl. It is their mutual friendship and evolving rapport that leads to joy, love and his eventual redemption. 

Set in the early years of the 19th Century, George Eliot’s heart-wrenching yet uplifting story is notable for its powerful realism and a sophisticated handling of a variety of topical issues including religion, industrialisation and community. It is universally admired as one of her most treasured works.

Tickets: £19 adult £18 concession (£9.50 schools) | Suitable ages 12+


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