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Fat Penguin : The Armando Diaz Experience

Fat Penguin : The Armando Diaz Experience

Esquires Coffee, Hales Street, Coventry, CV1 1JD

04/05/2019, 20:15 - 04/05/2019, 21:15

Fat Penguin : The Armando Diaz Experience

The performers will take a suggestion from the audience and then tell a true-life story directly based on the suggestion. The rest of the performers then create a series of comedy scenes inspired by the story. This show takes a very intimate look at the lives of our performers, then ruthlessly explores the comic premises from within those stories in a typically high-paced Fat Penguin style. The show is 100% improvised.


The Armando Diaz experience first appeared in 1995 at iO Chicago, inspiring more shows to start up all over the world


Tickets:  £5

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