Top 10 Running Tips

TEAM COVENTRY COLLEGE is gearing up to take on Coventry Festival of Running this spring, and as the clock ticks down to the Coventry 5K, Coventry Half Marathon and the Wheelchair 2.5K on 5 April, fitness gurus at the College are inviting other runners to follow their 10 TOP TIPS to ensure runners are in tip-top shape come race day.

  1. Set yourself a weekly plan of how many miles you are going to train a week, and make sure you build it up slowly week-on-week by one mile. This enables your body to become used to working out for longer distances come race day.
  2. Train with a friend to keep motivation levels high. If you’re training solo, then consider downloading a fitness app where a virtual assistant will keep you updated on how your training is going.
  3. Life is busy, and unexpected injuries can occur, so it's important to begin your training in advance if you can to account for this.
  4. It sounds obvious, but ensure you’re fuelling your body correctly once you’ve started your training regime! Try cutting back on sugary foods and introduce a balanced diet made up of carbohydrates which will help with energy, while protein will aid recovery.
  5. Limit yourself to two sessions a week – perhaps one every three days - to give your body enough time to recover in between workouts – the last thing you want to be suffering from near race day is burnout!
  6. Try training at the same time of day that you will be doing the race, which is mid-morning and build your meal times around this if you can.
  7. Experiment with carbohydrate meals during the training period. At breakfast this could be a bowl of cereal with a banana, or if eating later in the day, try looking into using an energy gel.
  8. Deliberately tone down the levels of your training, in the two weeks leading up to the race, to no more than one session a week – this is to ensure your body is well-rested and is at its most energetic on the big day.
  9. While it’s tempting, don’t buy new clothing or shoes for the big day! On race day you want to be sure that you’re running in an outfit that you know is comfortable and isn’t going to distract you from the task in hand.
  10. Get to bed early the night before – even if you don’t fall asleep straight away, rest your body as much as you can, and try to get a full eight hours of sleep.

Coventry College is a proud partner of Coventry Festival of Running, and will be supporting the running of the event behind the scenes on race day.

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