Old Coventry Cathedral

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Old Coventry Cathedral

Iconic, historic and still standing proud. Just some of the ways to describe Coventry Cathedral. The building represents a lot of what the city stands for and inspires local unity and togetherness.

The Cathedral has always offered an interesting day out for the family and is deep routed in history. From the original of St Mary’s church, nearly a 1000 years ago, it has been rebuilt 3 times (always bigger and better than before).

Looking at the original St Michael’s Cathedral, this would be the ruins that captures people’s attention since the second world war. With Coventry being one of the most affected cities during the blitz, it’s landmarks suffered heavily and the Church was no exception.

Winston Churchill walking through the ruins of the Cathedral, shortly after the bombings

Inspired by the message of Christ for reconciliation, the then Cathedral Community decided to leave the ruins as a reminder for the waste of war. From this, it has become a symbol for ministry of peace and reconciliation, recognised across the globe.

However, even when left in ruins, the Cathedral still stands strong and gains a lot of attention for the city itself. Little known attractions of the area make it worthwhile to visit and is definitely a great way to learn more about its medieval past.

Statue of Bishop Yeatman Biggs holding St Michael’s Cathedral

Such an example would be Hamo Thornycroft’s bronze sculpture. As shown in the image above, it depicts the old Cathedral in Bishop Yeatman Biggs’ hands before it was bombed. It was one of the few monuments to survive the bombings during this period.

Bishop Yeatman Biggs was the first bishop of the old St Michaels’ Cathedral. Only the tower, spire, bronze effigy and tomb of Biggs survived the Luftwaffe.

Statue to symbolise reconciliation and peace

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to walk up the steps of the spire, check out our latest video on the Enjoy Coventry website! A real in-depth look into what it’s like and how Coventry looks from above.

Cathedral Tower Video


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