Christmas festive food village

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It’s almost Christmas, and the Christmas market in Coventry has begun. Every year Christmas is approaching, the city centre of Coventry has become a colorful ocean of joy. This makes the Christmas market the most grand festival of Coventry in a year, attracting many people every year to join in the fun.

Have a glass of warm Glühwein (mulled wine) or German beer, buy a half-meter hot dog with a sausage and share it with your friends, or buy a delicious grilled steak at the nearest one in Bullring, or at a small Stuffed with a grilled mushroom and baked potatoes.

At Dhillons brewery bar, there are plenty of hot drinks, including tea, black coffee, latte, hot chocolate, and a drink with friends during this cold winter, you will feel very warm, cocktails, spirits, beer, soft Drink, mulled wine

Full-cream cake: rich in oil, deep and fragrant with a mouth-feeling taste, soft and tempting in the mouth, with a unique flavor, it is unforgettable.
Full Chocolate Cake: It's not the most dazzling and eye-catching, but there are always loyal fans who favor it. A tempting chocolate taste; a soft mouthfeel, a sweet taste, and a perfect all-chocolate cake that can withstand the temperament of all tastes. The cursive chocolate pattern on the surface complements the name of the cake.

Coventry's Christmas Market also offers a wide variety of desserts, a variety of cakes, marshmallows, chocolates, macarons

It is worth mentioning that there is also a very good German hot dog shop. You can choose what meat you want, such as pork, chicken, beef, and then pick the vegetables you like and add them to the hot bread. Add the fried onion, and finally add your favorite sauce, a unique hot dog is made, you can enjoy it.


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Christmas festive food village

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