This makes That with These | Sprite-bots

Time and Venue

Coventry Transport Museum, Millennium Place, Hales St, Coventry CV1 1JD
25/02/2020, 10:30
25/02/2020, 15:30
This makes That with These | Sprite-bots

Traditionally, a sprite is a fairy-like creature with wings and supernatural powers.

Now, in a digitised world, a sprite refers to a computer image made up of a number of pixels. The act of creating a sprite is called spriting and is a form of digital art.

Discover pixel art and design your own digital sprites using ‘Scratch’. Will they look like a traditional fairy-like sprite or will you create something new? Then, have a go at building a physical look-a-like “Sprite-Junk-Bot", using a specially designed challenge kit. You will be given the most important pieces to make a moving bot and there will also be a variety of everyday appliances for you to take apart and put together to make your “Sprite-Junk-Bot".

Designed for age 7+

Book online in advance | £8 per child plus one adult 
Please note, children must always be accompanied by an adult

Participants are collected from reception


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