PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION - Wu-Clan Clan 25th Anniversary European Tour by Simon Peter Green

Time and Venue

The Centre Circle Coventry Market CV1 3HT
09/11/2019, 00:00
09/12/2019, 23:59
PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION -  Wu-Clan Clan 25th Anniversary European Tour by Simon Peter Green

The Gods Of Rap // Simon Peter Green

Back in 2011 I received a call from a man with a New York accent.

“Hi my name is Divine. I’m the manager of a New York group and I’m searching for a tour
manager. I need someone who is strong and will grow with us, someone who can hold this band
down on the road. I heard you are a great tour manager. Is that you Simon? Can you handle the

I said “Who is the band?”

Divine said “They scare most people to death.”

I said “Who is the band?”

Divine said “Wu-Tang Clan”

I said “Yes I will be proud to do it”.

And that’s how I became the tour and production manager for the greatest hip hop band of alltime.Over the next 7 or 8 years we worked hard delivering shows across the world. My careercontinued to grow and I have worked for some incredible artists including Pusha T, DukeDumont, Maya Jane Coles, Kanye West, Jammer BBK, Lethal Bizzle, J Cole, Depache Modeand many others

Eventually, I stepped back to catch my breath and to follow my dream of becoming a photographer

Fast forward to May 2019 and Wu-Tang Clan embark on their 36 Chambers 25th Anniversarytour. I went to see the first show at Wembley, London. Divine was very happy to see me. “Youare family. It’s great you are here for this historic moment. Call home to ask if you can come onthe tour. You can help the team and take photos. I will pay all expenses and pay you a fee but only if wifey gives her blessing."

Wifey gave her blessing and I jumped on the tour.It is my privilege to present this photographic exhibition as a rare and intimate glimpse of life onthe road with my family. Wu-Tang Clan. The Gods Of Rap.










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